The Jungle Book Adventure Theatre MTC


"Sebastian is everything I imagined Mowgli to be when first reading the stories as a young child"

- Maryland Theatre Guide


The T Party - Forum Theatre


"In Sebastian's artfully understated acting turn, the complex dimensions of Rafaela's (his character's) persona are both transparent and masked - and we can't take our eyes off him."

- DC Metro Theatre Arts


Wiley and the Hairy ManImagination Stage


" . . . no one could ask for a better best friend than Dog, played with bouncing enthusiasm by the remarkable Rafael Sebastian" 

- DC Theatre Scene


Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave - The Hub Theatre


"Rafael shows off (his) versatility in every vignette . . . his charistmatic, strong stage presence proves to be a major asset to the production"

- Broadway World 


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